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I created a design in Inkscape. It started off with a rectangle with curved corners and I needed to cut the rectangle down and have 2 sharp corners and 2 rounded corners. So I clipped the rectangle by placing another rectangle on top to give it that affect. Once I brought the image into glowforge it did not recognize my cut and brought back the original rectangle and error message said - the clip has been changed to a path. How do I get glowforge to recognize my cut?

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If you can upload the file we can take a closer look.

In general though clip masks aren’t recognized by the Glowforge ui. It’s hard to say exactly since I can’t see exactly what you’re trying to do but it sounds to me at first glance that this is a case where I’d convert the rounded rectangle to a path And then node-edit the two corners I want to be sharp.

Whole thing should take just a few seconds with a little practice.

Google “Inkscape node editing” Or “Inkscape path editing” if you’re unfamiliar with the concept.

Anyway, that’s all I got without seeing the file.


Hi - I did edit the corners before like you had stated. But if I do that just alone it changes my rounded corner because the shape is too narrow I guess. Please see the attached. The measurements are 6.15 inches height and 1.569 wide. I need it to be exactly that shape as it fits into the shape of other items.

Ok. I manipulated it again and it worked. Thank you!!

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Awesome. The trick is to remember that rectangles are objects and you want to manipulate it as a path. So once you make your rounded rectangle, you use Path->Object to Path to convert it, then go in after the nodes.

I do this so much that I know the [windows] keystroke for object to path is control-shift-c, it’s one of those things that is critical to my workflow, right up there with booleans and guides.


What’s the radius on the corners? I can quickly do a step by step to show you how I’d approach it, it’s one of those things that seeing how other people’s workflow goes can be really useful, even if you already got a solution of your own.


Create the rectangle with all rounded corners then create another rectangle to cover whichever end you want the square corners on, place it over the first one where you want it cut off. Select them both and choose path, difference.
here you go
haha, I just looked at this and thought “why do I have #2 there”? Obviously that was a mistake. 1, 3, 4 are all you need.


#2 is when you stop and think about what you’re doing… and remember to do #3 :smiley:

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Lol, probably what happened.

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