Inkscape crashing over and over

TL;DR: If you are having problems with a complex SVG crashing Inkscape, try cleaning up document before your next attempt at whatever you’re doing.

Longer version:

So I was trying to ungroup items in my svg, which contained a lot of groups (like 90+).

I selected all and ht ungroup. Instant internal error crash.

OK, I restarted. Opened the file, tried again. Crash.

OK restart, select one group. Ungroup. Crash.

OK I was about tired of this. I went in and selected one path, and tried to select same fill, then cut/paste to put it outside of the group. CRASH.

So, then I decided to try “clean up document”. Once I did that, i resaved (didnt seem to be necessary but you never know), and then selected everything and ungrouped. Success.

My svg had been edited and abused a number of times, lots of things cloned, uncloned, grouped, subgrouped, deleted, cut and pasted. There was probably some major junk in the svg, clean up seemed to solve my issues.


Good suggestion for all the design software. :grinning:


I haven’t had that error before, but thanks for the tip.

I crash Inkscape when I am in node edit mode and during a node move if I am not quite accurate on clicking the node and drag it, it glitches and crashes. I am not quite sure what is going on here.


I’ve had that happen a number of times, too!