Inkscape design question

Hello GF Fam,
I am trying to get some help with Inkscape and this design. I got this template from a user (THANK YOU) and wanted to see if anyone knows how to get the puzzle to show on the inside of my heart and remove the rest outside the lines.
Heart Puzzle

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  1. The red heart consists of two different paths when you only want one shape (I think), so select that and use “Path > Break Apart” to turn the inner and outer lines into separate paths. Delete the inner one.

  2. Send the heart shape to the back so the puzzle is on top.

  3. Select both the heart and the puzzle, and use “Path > Division”.

You get the result below:

Heart Puzzle


and if it’s helpful, I noted that the original had all the lines being cut separately, like @jbmanning5 always tells us to do, so I recreated that here:

Heart Puzzle_V3


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