Inkscape file Navigation : Star Wars Destroyer

I downloaded the Star Wars Destroyer .svg file and wanted to pull it apart in Inkscape to make it easier to position and cut in the glowforge because I find the gfui a bit clunky for things like this.

Can anyone tell me why I can’t separate out all of the greeble shapes on the wedge?

Without opening it up but seeing it in the browser, I’d say it is a bitmap overlay of the greebles so it’s not editable in Inkscape.

Can you select them separately to delete them at least?

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OK so there’s a lot happening here.

Your first issue: why can’t you do anything with anything? It’s because the document is on 2 layers and they are both locked. Open the layers dialog and unlock them and you’re in business, halfway at least.

Second issue: the greeble. The greeble is actually a path with a pattern in it. As far as I know, the GF won’t engrave patterns. You’ll need to export that bit as a png. (select the greeble shape, copy, paste, move away from stuff, export as png selection only at your desired resolution). Then reimport your png and place it correctly on your cut paths, and group them. IBH I haven’t ever tried to group things on multiple layers so you might need to unify that, I don’t know. @rbtdanforth probably knows.

Lastly, the greeble pattern isn’t very well executed (imo) and is quite low resolution (fact), so you might want to consider designing your own greeble altogether or finding a soure for some vector greeble that you like.


So he needs a more agreeable greeble?
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I have found that exporting a pattern as an image and then running an outline on it turns it back into vectors at which time it can be scored. And the pattern and image dispensed with.


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