Inkscape Fill & Stroke Dialog Problem

For Inkscape version 0.92.3, when a Fill & Stroke Dialog is opened (Object -> Fill & Stroke), a Floating window appears. How to make this Tabbable, non-Floating, as are other Dialogs, e.g. Align & Distribute, Objects, Transform?
I a novice at Inkscape so may have wrong terminology.

I don’t use inkscape, but maybe clicking lower on the window than you think you should?


Clicking on the area you indicated gives a 4-way arrow that then allows dragging and docking.
Thank you! This was driving me nuts since I often have more than one Inkscape window open. Each window would then have a floating Dialog allowing confusion as to which Dialog was associated with which Inkscape window.



As I have two screens I keep all those extra windows floating in the second screen so I can see and access them as needed often telling me what is happening like which part was selected, or the scales, or color etc. this works much better and faster than chasing down the ui as needed.

Thanks for the help @jbv and @rbtdanforth, I’m glad that worked!

I’m going to close this thread, if there are any other questions, feel free to start a new topic.