Inkscape guru needed. Trying to reverse engineer a design I found

Hello! I am making an Xmas present for a friend who is a Disney fan. I have some black vinyl and a fake label to make an “album”. What I am trying to recreate is this:
Disney album image

I have the images to cut and the pattern laid out. However, I do not know enough Inkscape to pull it all together. As you can see in my crude mock up, my castle spilleth over onto the label, and I don’t know how to mark the areas to cut in Inkscape.

Disney Cut beta

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You will destroy your machine if you cut vinyl.


Only the right edge of your file is showing.
Just want to make sure you don’t intend to cut a record in your laser. The acid that forms from the combustion by-products and coats everything will destroy your laser.

Disney Cut beta

Sorry, used wrong word on my material design. Hopefully this image will behave.

Draw this shape instead of concentric circles. You can start with concentric circles, but you need to join and trim until you have this…


Then move your castle image to the left so it clears the center circle, you don’t need to keep it within the outer circle because that will be trimmed away.
Place the castle image on the line segment that will serve as the ground beneath it then join/weld them together.

Shrink the standing image so it fits better on the line segment that makes the ground below it, then join/weld the standing image to the ground.



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Disney Cut Center|250x250 100%


Thank you for the info!

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