Inkscape Image is uploading multiple layers

Hi!! I am an extreme newbie and only received my glowforge about 2 weeks ago. I’ve done a couple projects and am currently doing a Pokemon memory game for my son. I found all the images and put them in inkscape, traced bitmap, removed background, and then saved the svg. When I upload the image onto the glowforge it is showing 5 or 6 of the image on the side however only 1 image is popping up for me to move around. I found that I can ignore the layers or multiple copies however it is slowing down my entire system.

I am assuming I am missing a step in inkscape but I can’t find anything online or youtube to either compress the layers into 1 image or find out what is causing the multiples.

If anyone knows what to do to fix this it would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks Everyone!!

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Try Gimp. There are many ways to do a mask in Gimp and any mask can be made a path, and the paths can be exported as an SVG.

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i did download the gimp app just now but honestly not understanding how to use it or what to do when i open my svg into that program

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You do not open the SVG in Gimp. You load the raster image (png or jpg) If I load a jpg it will be very dirty from the compression and I usually use Color > Brightness Contrast to get the best edges,

This is a typical (for me) case, In the toolbox pop-up you see selected the tool called Fuzzy Select that selects everything similar based on a range that you see set to zero, so if you just click it will select all the pixels just like it. However, if you click and before release drag the mouse down very slowly it will include an increasing range of similarity by changing the color of what will be covered. If you go too far, just move the mouse up till it is right before letting go. If you click on the Fuzzy select you can go instead to the Color Select that has that same increase range thing but Fuzzy select does not jump outside to similar colors not connected and Color select does.

If the area outlined is the outline shape you want the third to last icon at the bottom of the Paths pop-up will save that outline as a path, Then when you right-click on the path in the pop-up down near the bottom of the list is Export Path that you can export one or all of the paths at once by giving it a name followed by “.SVG”

That is what you bring into Inkscape.


Your description of multiples in the commands area, but only 1 on screen sounds like you probably accidently hit the trace a few times, so you’ve got layers there. Go back into Inkscape and select all and then hit Align and Distribute (Shift+Ctl+A) and click anything within Distribute, it’ll separate all the individual tracings.

If no, if you share your art we can probably figure it out :slight_smile:

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