Inkscape location

Hey gang. I installed the new inkscape on my new laptop.

so being spiffy or is that clever? I went to copy my template for the glowbed, and the order of operation palette.

well golly. I cannot find the directory to save my life. What the heck?

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I had this issue too!

But I found it eventually. This is where I put it:
C:\Users\ {yourUserNameHere} \AppData\Roaming\inkscape\palettes

Templates is in that same “inkscape” directory.


well perhaps I missed it. it is NOT in the same place on my desktop with the earlier version of inkscape

i will double check. perhaps I was bleary eyed. LOL


Applications aren’t installed to a desktop.

Under Edit click on Preferences and then System you can then open the pallet file where you can copy the files to. Sames goes for any extension you want use


I wasn’t clear. I was referring to the files not being in the same location on the previous version of Inkscape on my desktop computer. not that the files were on the desktop.

busy making a field hockey season review video. fun times.

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