Inkscape noob question: combining objects? NVM solved my own issue

Basically, there are parts of this design that I don’t like and was trying to cover them up. how do I make it become part of the object/design and not just another part to cut/not cut? (circles in red will be black). I’ve tried the whole object to path thingy, but doesn’t seem to be working (also I’ve only really been on this program for 2 hours lol idk what I’m doing)

32%20PM Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 10.25.32 PM

Edit: apparently idk how to take a screenshot either

Edit of Edit: you know what. I figured out my own problem… I just deleted the paths…


Hey i know you solved your problem and sry if this is not wanted but i just wanted to share some work arounds that me a fellow inksckape noob uses.

If you have a hole in a design like this one you can select the object and select Path>Break apart and then adjust the transparency of the fill down it will break those inner sections into their own objects and when you adjust the transparency you can see them easier to select and remove. The objects need to be ungrouped as well for this. ctrl+shift+g

once you have removed the part you want you can then select the objects again and go to Path>Exclusion to bring back any open areas you wish.

quick way to remove opening on an edge is to make another opject that covers the area you want to get rid of and do Path>Union with both objects selected.

Hope those are helpful in some way and hope i wasn’t a bother. There are more in depth ways to do things like breaking nodes and joining them but harder to explain and not always needed.


no, good tips, so I will keep this in mind. I’m still reading through the inkscape tutorials (maybe 6-8 hours in) but was getting impatient and wanted to make stuff lol.

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you are more patient than i lol. for a few things i watch videos and the rest i tend to accomplish via brute force and trial and error


Here is a youtube link to a site with really good inkscape (and gimp) tutorials. You can probably find everything you need here:

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Select the circle, hold shift, select the black area and click path union.

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