Inkscape object fill and transparency issues on engraves

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to inkscape, and i’m not sure what the proper terminology might be for my problem,
so here’s a screenshot of my image below,
what i would like to do is have the helmet and laurel design just a simple engraving line art only, no engraving inside the lineart of the helmet etc.
and then fill the circle (that’s in red) with an engrave.
my trouble is i cant seem to work out how to fill the inner circle with an engrave color, without engraving everything inside the circle. including the inside of the logo i’ve got.

could anyone lend any advice on how to get around this trouble? i’m sure its got something to do with object/path grouping, but i’m all self taught on this stuff so i’m not sure what i should do next. thanks!

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Select your helmet and laurels. Ensure they are one path. If they are more than one, do a combine.

Copy the new laurel and helmet path.

Select the helmet and red circle. Do a path->difference.

You should be left with a red circle with a helmet/laurel cutout.

Paste in place. Your helmet/laurels will reappear.

Voila. I’d test it on cardboard or something with super light settings just to be sure it works the way you want.

Now you probably want to do something with your outer text. Be sure that if you want it engraved that it’s either a raster or filled vector to engrave it. If you want the text to be engraved at different settings from the red circle then leave it black. If you want them the same, change it to a red fill and you will have a single engrave action for both filled areas.

There are other questions about your design but it’s a lot to get into without more info and besides, you didn’t ask :slight_smile:

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Worked like a charm on the file, i’ll test it shortly, thank you!

Just a FYI, I moved this to Beyond the Manual so it won’t get closed and discussion can continue.

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