Inkscape on Android tablet problem

Trying to get to grips with my Irulu tablet, I’ve downloaded the Gimp Inkscape software, in the hope of doing my GF vector designs while crossing the ‘pond’ (got about 8 hours to fill !).
When I open the software, I get a confusing number of windows open, all as part of the program, but I can find no way of just showing the inkscape window, and closing the rest. The tablet screen doesn’t seem to respond.
Anyone doing this successfully, and can give me a lead on what I’m doing wrong ?

GIMP and Inkcape are two different programs. GIMP is like Photoshop and Inkscape is like Illustrator. I’m pretty sure based on your description you have GIMP and not Inkscape and are looking for Inkscape.

You are correct, as far as use on laptops etc is concerned, but they have packaged a combined piece of software for use on Android devices, called, unsurprisingly, Gimp Inkscape.

I’ve been getting used to both the separate programmes on my laptop using Ubuntu, but looking to have more mobility, I thought it was time I updated to using a tablet, and this is the problem I’ve run into,

This time its opened about 6 inkscape windows as well as a gimp one, and I cant get it to close any !

OK, I’ve fought my way through to having a single window, now that I’ve spotted the ‘micro’ mouse icon arrow !

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Made quite a bit of head way since discovering the following that has opened up my use of the tablet.
I’ve had great difficulty since getting a version of inkscape loaded on my Irulu tablet with using my finger, or even the provided stylus as a pointing tool.
Take my wireless mouse, and plug the dongle into the usb port (it needed an adaptor unfortunately).
Now I have complete control over the pointy thing on screen.
Yay !

Glad to hear you got somewhere with this. But if you can use something else, I’d recommend it. Basically what they’ve done is package up a whole bleeping linux installation that runs inside an emulation “sandbox” on your tablet (which typically has a fraction of your desktop’s RAM and CPU to begin with). And then they try to run GIMP and Inkscape (in theory you could run any other linux software as well). I tried a while back, but my tablet did not have the horsepower.

Hi Paul.
This was just a way I wanted to find, to do some design work on the transatlantic flight (9-10 hours daytime coming from UK to USA), and as I normally run ubuntu on my laptops, I converted to the tablet merely for more portability, and less weight.
Now that we have to carry our laptops in the cabin rather than in checked in luggage, that advantage is gone, as for complex reasons, I also take two laptops each time I go back and forth (every 2-3 months).
Hopefully this year I get my green card, and all this travelling will stop !

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