Inkscape question


I’ve been trying to learn Inkscape and have come a long way. It’s my understanding that you have to use Path/Object to Path for all text before you save the svg and import to GF. Is there a way to undo this after the save? I have several plaques with names and dates, etc. that need to be modified each time I print. I can’t edit the text. I have to start over and create new text, and then Object to Path again and again. I would like to just undo it and modify the text. Is that possible? Thx in advance!! You guys are awesome!


I think your best bet here is to either: maintain a working native copy, or make a copy of the editable text and hide it.

I use AI and export my working files for the Glowforge to SVG, and save a native AI.


That poses an interesting problem. I’m not any kind of expert in Inkscape, so I don’t know how feasible this would actually be, but it might be possible to create a hidden Text layer. That would be modifiable…then you could duplicate it once you made whatever changes were needed, expand the duplicate, and hide the original layer until the next changes were needed.

Might save some of the retyping. (And @rpegg beat me to it again!) :smile:


Wow. And I hadn’t even read it yet. I’m good.


Dammit! I clicked the wrong name that popped up! Fat finger error on an orbital machine.

Credit goes to @jbmanning5. :joy:


If it were me, I would save the text object outside of the final piece in your workspace. Then I would copy and paste it into place on your final piece and convert it to a path. That way you can swap out text pretty easily going forward and the UI will ignore your text object.


Thx guys!! And the thought just occurred to me, that if I don’t Object to Path the dummy one (to use for the copy/paste) I don’t think GFUI will import it. I’ve had that happen a time or two when I forgot to path it. Again, you guys are awesome! This was my first request for help, and it went so well, I might try it again!


Yup, just tried it and it gives an error message re the text and just leaves it out. Cool bug. Whenever they fix it it will mess me up!


Save your text outside the cutting area. If they “fix” the “bug”, it’ll still get ignored. I tend to save mine at a negative “y” position, it’ll always get left out because of that.


That was my whole post, glad you came up with the same idea, makes me think my way wasn’t completely crazy. :slight_smile:


Yes, that is an excellent workflow question. I’ve messed with putting it on a layer to turn off and on, but in the end keep a separate file with the text as text, unconverted, and then make copies for the GFUI. Does create problems with versions in going back and forth and tweaking other parts.