Inkscape Specialists

Are there any Inskape or Graphic Specialist that can assist with design creation. Willing to pay for services.

I’m not a specialist & still on the learning curve myself–but a great way to get familiar with the program & designing is looking at the thread for free designs (you download the file, so you can open it, unlike the GF “shop” designs that you can only load) or googling for free or purchased designs from many websites & markets, as well as there are a lot of tutorials available (and many helpful threads with tips)–if you’re on the path of learning it yourself.

There are also some “extensions” you’ll want to add into Inkscape for box making and others, pending your final design intent.

If this is for your Mason flag project, it’s a simple enough design that I bet people would just do it for fun. You should ask on the main thread to see if anyone would pick it up.

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