Inkscape support page needs updating

Inkscape instructions page here need to be updated. It points directly to old versions of the app for both Windows and Mac. New members have installed old versions due to this.

Suggest changing download links to:
… which redirects to the latest version automatically.

References to xquartz for Mac and 32-bit for Windows should be removed, neither is now correct. Should be sufficient to just provide the link (the first line under “Installing Inkscape”.)


There are some of us who would rather not update to Inkscape 1.0. I have seen information that it is not stable with Mac High Sierra OS.
I am in a position right now that I cannot upgrade my OS (High Sierra) because Dreamweaver CS6 will not run on Catalina. That means that I have to redo my website in Wordpress before I can upgrade the OS so that I can upgrade to Inkscape 1.0. I think that’s a “Catch 22” situation, or at least a helluva lot of work.

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I cant upgrade from Mojave, and Inkscape 1.0 does have some glitches, but providing a link here to the older version that people think is “officially” correct version is not good practice.

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