Inkscape vs GlowForge

I looked at it and got significant resizing problems. I believe you might need to start a ticket in Problems and Support so that they can take a look at it. We saw something similar with the early Snapmarks testing, and they came up with a work around, so it might be something they can fix easily…but they need to know it’s happening.

Be sure to tell them which version of Inkscape you are using specifically.

Here’s what I see…when I open the file in Illustrator I get exactly a 33.333% size increase…which is the difference between an image at 96 PPI and 72 PPI, which is how Illustrator opens files that haven’t been defined. (I think.)

But what you are seeing I think, given measuring variance, is a factor of 1.0667, which is the variance between 96 PPI and 90 PPI.

So something isn’t sticking or being interpreted correctly somewhere, and they might need to know so they can make an adjustment for it.

In the meantime, if you’re in a hurry and want to cut it accurately now, you can try scaling it down. Reduce it to 93.75% of the current size before saving the file.

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In INkscape, in Preferences>Bitmaps: make sure all the resolution settings read 96 and not 90.


Oh…well that’s easy. :smile:
(Cancel that shoutout to Support if that fixes it.) :rofl:


202/216 = 90/96

Looks to me like you’re designing at 90dpi. Glowforge sizes stuff at 96dpi.

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Those are my setting, @mpipes. I’m not exporting, fyi - just saving.

Yeah, understand what you’re saying, but Inkscape has some oddities.

I tried opening your file in Inkscape and couldnt see anything obvious, I did notice that the display units in the document properties were set to pixels. You might try setting that to inches. I dont know if that really has an impact as I havent tested it, I can only tell you that I set all units to inches, page size to 20w x 12h, and those settings at 96dpi and I don’t have scaling issues. I’m making parts that mate with outside vendor parts and everything comes in exactly where expected.

It’s also a lot easier to work out scaling issues using simpler files with shapes of known expected sizes. In other words, it’s hard for us to see the issue because we don’t know exactly how large these items are supposed to be, and the process to move something around in the GFUI in order to estimate the actual size is fussy and open to inconsistency. If it’s a small scaling error, say the difference between 90 and 96 dpi settings, it’s even harder to see it.

A file with a 1" square works if you’re going to burn something for physical comparison but for us to visually compare on screen, a 10" square makes issues more obvious.

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[quote=“Bigjohn, post:10, topic:28960”]
Set art board to 12x20
Used Geometric bounding box
positioned objects on art board.
Set object to 202mm width x 153mm height
It cut out at 216 x 169.[/quote]
So - if you burn it on cardstock or cardboard it’s ~8"x~6"

That’s really weird. I looked through the file as closely as I could (even manually going through the SVG in a text editor) and can’t see a reason why it would behave like this. I wonder what support will say.

Guess I need to post this up in support then… damn it.

Wouldn’t hurt, but don’t take my word as the authority here, I am just trying to figure stuff out like everyone else. I didn’t try your file myself, but I think Jules said she did? That would rule out hardware in theory if the problem was consistent between users.

The file you uploaded loads into the GFUI at 280mm x 220mm.

Inkscape says it’s 257mm x 201mm.

Seems like the file itself is unnecessarily complicated, ie: circles defined by 16 nodes each, the corners of the rectangles have 60 nodes each defining them. I caught a notice at the bottom of the Inkscape window that there was flowed text in the file, but I could not find it. Any text needs to be a path though. 283 individual objects buried within nested groups.

Once I got rid of all the groups, I used the Union command to combine all the stitching holes/circles into one path, and then the file loaded into the GFUI at the 257mm x 201mm size.



My inkscape says it’s 202x153mm


I was selecting all the objects in the file though.

yeah. the one selected above (and of course all of them…) print wrong when I bring the file into GF.
I will look at the union thing… just select a group of dots and click path/union?

yes but you have to ungroup all the nested groups first.

righto. Thanks. I’ll try to see if that has any impact…

Looking at the SVG… I can tell you that at one point it was saved as an Inkscape SVG because it has elements left over from when it was. Just resaving as a Plain SVG won’t get rid of the Inkscape SVG elements. You have to copy the elements into a new file and save the new document as a Plain SVG, I believe.

I can tell you this is all Inkscape-specific stuff that is inserted into the file:

           rdf:resource="" /><dc:title></dc:title></cc:Work></rdf:RDF></metadata><defs
     id="defs6" /><sodipodi:namedview
       spacingy="3.7795276" /></sodipodi:namedview><g

But, even copying it into a new Illustrator document doesn’t get rid of all of the Inkscape stuff for me. So, not sure there… it also gives me an error on the SVG when I resave a copyover into a new Illustrator file (an Inkscape error).

The document size of 12x20 was a hack implemented that when it sees a particular aspect ratio, it knows how to scale everything properly to the correct dimensions (it can be any size, it just has to be the same aspect ratio of 12x20/3x5, etc.). I wonder if maybe the 304.79999 is making it not recognize the aspect ratio correctly.

Like @jules, in Illustrator I got really odd sizing. The piece you selected above is showing 269.333*204mm in Illustrator.

I personally wonder if it isn’t something with all of the transform matrices inside of the file?

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I second this thinking, but I wasn’t able to prove it.

The only time I save an Inkscape file as a plain svg is when I’m giving it to an Illustrator user, because Illustrator has problems with it. I’ve never had an issue with the glowforge and inkscape svg.


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