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Hey guys so I ordered my glowforge pro in January and I still Haven’t received it. First I got An email stating that production had a problem and I should now receive my Glowforge by March 15. A couple days later I received an email stating that something happened with the shipping place and so it’s delayed again. Being that I see so many problems and no help from customer service is it even worth it to keep waiting? Should I cancel And refuse when it finally does arrive?

That is up to you. No one here in the community can tell you what is best for you.

Glowforge and their production company has been affected by COVID, just like everyone else in the world. They are working as quickly as possible to get your machine assembled and shipped to you.

Customer service has provided you with all the help they can. They aren’t able to go get a machine shipped to you just because you have been waiting. There is no backup stock sitting in a warehouse waiting for someone to threaten to cancel. You have been waiting because production is slower and they aren’t able to keep up with demand.

I don’t know what you mean about problems, but please keep in mind the problems you see posted here are a tiny fraction of users. There are hundreds of thousands of Glowforge units in the world and we see problems posted here from a fraction of a percent of those machines. The Glowforge is a complex electro-mechanical system subject to a pretty harsh environment while operating and they will have breakdowns with use. It is inevitable and anyone who is expecting to never have a breakdown with their machine is either not planning to use it or is deluding themselves.

Also note that a large number of the “problems” we see posted here aren’t actually problems with the Glowforge but are problems with things outside the ability of the Glowforge to control. Things like user error, poor internet connection, local WiFi interference, etc. are all things that get reported here as problems, but are not actually failures of the Glowforge hardware.

I have been using the Glowforge for well over two years and it does everything I have asked it to do and then some. You have to evaluate what you want it to do and if you are willing to wait on it.

If you are planning to use it as part of a business, please take this time to ensure that you have a backup plan for those inevitable failures since repair or replacement will take time. The Glowforge is really a hobby level machine with hobby level support and they are not responsible for your customers if you use it as a business machine.


It is hard to be patient, but you ordered the Glowforge for a reason and unless that reason has changed I suggest you wait. Look through the Made on a Glowforge category here in the forum and check out the Gallery tab as well. You can do some pretty fun things with a home laser.

The supply chains and shipping schedules of many products are disrupted right now by world wide shortages and other challenges. Some major car manufacturers are closing their plants for a week next week because of shortages. Big companies like Honda and small companies like Glowforge are scrambling to deliver their products. You have already waited a long time, but you are now near the front of the line, so maybe you can wait a little longer. In the end, however, only you can decide if you still want a Glowforge.

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We understand waiting, and the frustration that induces. Many of us during the pre-sale paid in full and waited 2 years for our machines to ship, experiencing delay after delay.

This is good advice in my opinion. I don’t regret the hard lesson in patience, and I’ll bet you won’t either. All of the angst I had over the long wait vanished when I started exploring what my laser could do. You’re almost there!

Welcome to the community! You have a great adventure in your future. :sunglasses:

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I waited over 3 years to get mine. It was frustrating but I have no regrets.


I’ve just sent you an email regarding this issue so I’m going to close this topic.