Insert a delay in the creation process

Hi, I am thinking that a nice feature that could be added to the GFUI would be the option to add a timed delay layer between cuts, engraves, scores, etc.

In addition a time delay for any single layer based on the ips or resolution. If you could say rest every .25 inch or something to that effect.

The reason I am saying this is that I have seen a lot of PG wood warping under the extreme heat generated by just an engrave/cut process. This could solve that issue without needing user intervention.

Maybe there are other solutions out there. Thoughts?


This is a good idea.

Another thing you can do is reduce the LPI from 450 to 340. This will increase the amount of heat distributed through the material and print faster as well. 340 is still a great LPI and things look amazing with it. I think it is the lowest viable photo clear LPI. I use it on all my photo engraves.


Thank you for the thoughtful feedback – I’ll pass it to the right team.