Inside of a Glowforge!


If you’d like to experience being inside your Glowforge…


Ahh, but a Glowforge :glowforge: is much more accurate. :wink:


Pew pew lazers ftw!


Ow, ow, ow, ow…and you wouldn’t see’um comin’…ow! - Rich


ah, this is cool. love the sound effects.

also slightly dangerous to film. assuming they used real lasers and didn’t render it, lasers that are otherwise relatively safe to use can destroy camera sensors (youtube is filled with examples).


Reminiscent of Tron.
‘Do that again program and you will be derezed’


End of line.


neat, more powerful than I thought!




It’s real, not CG:

TUNDRA’s newest immersive experience is a large scale laser-beams installation which went unseen to public due to cancellation of Outline Festival in Moscow where it was initially planned to be exhibited. As it was specially created for this festival, we decided to name it OUTLINES.

This word has a strong meaning in Russian representing the idea of stepping out of an initial grid and rising above the fundamentals by trespassing your imaginary boundaries.

A custom tunnel iteration of this installation will be premiered and first shown to public at Day For Night festival in Houston, Texas, from December 16th to 18th.
Behance -


Ever play with a laser pointer in a snow storm? Too bad the technology didn’t exist in the age of Aquarius.
(60’s - recreational chemicals)


if you have not been to a concert in a while… there have been some major advances in the light-show arena. Between lasers, individually addressable motorized fixtures, and projection-mapping, some of the groups’ lighting designers are artists in their own right. (I’ll admit to liking the lights better than than the music at the last electronic music show I attended).


thanks! this is outstanding stuff. really neat all around.


Makes them great for taking out security cameras when I’m… uh… going to… the library?


Or transporting your medicinal carrots.


Looks like a cool art installation!

IMO, “Inside of a Glowforge!” is not a good title for this thread.


ROFLMAO! (Conversation did take a bit of a turn, didn’t it?) :sweat_smile:


But it did make you take a look at the post! :grinning:


Top grade clickbait, for sure! “He took off the back panel of his Glowforge and you won’t believe what he saw…” :smile:


Seems like a first attempt at a matrix trailer