Inside shot of the glowforge (maybe from the lid cam)

Found this photo on Baileys twitter feed (thanks!). A fairly good shot of the inside of the glowforge from a reverse angle.

almost looks like someone was cutting some buttcheeks down there >_> haha

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A old one but a good one:

Although the plastics may not change its important to note that we should not get excited by the ethernet and usb jacks on the pcb. Its likely a prototype…

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definitely a prototype. this photo was from dec 15, and its obviously seen some heavy use. probably has more guts than the beta units

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Yeah I pointed that out on an earlier thread and was told it’s prototyping board and won’t be there in the final versions. :cry:

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Heres some newer shots from CES that were posted on twitter!

The booth and you can see how the tube sits on top of the crossbar. I like the internal lighting they have going on.

A good shot of the back side, so you can see the ventilation attachment and power cord location.


hmmm vent’s on the rear left… hmmmm just nice for me :smile: Anyone grabbed a picture of the vent hose?

two more from the other side, can anyone tell whats different?

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Too fuzzy to tell for sure. I would put an even bet that it is that green power supply board and components underneath. The supplies have been an any day thing for quite some time. It is one of the most important items moving on to a full Beta unit. The supplies give the variable power capability. I can see that the high voltage wire is routed differently but that doesn’t mean anything. The firmware board seems the same. There might be the possibility that they finally got the lighted power button working but can’t see that in any of the pictures. All of this is speculation.

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may be irrelevant but seeing the pix, i noticed the honeycomb has orange lines (from use and overuse i guess?) is there going to be any maintenance on the honeycomb needed? or replacement every X quantity uses?

It’s made of a ferrous metal. The Glowforge should not affect it. Still, lots of nasty stuff gets vaporized and deposits gunk on the honeycomb. Will never look pristine but you can clean much of it.

Right. Nx to lookup. Cleaning agents

its probably not worth the effort to clean the honeycomb. especially if the cleaning agent contains anything that could be bad when vaporized

Should i start a topic for cleaNing the honeycomb?

Oven cleaner is the typically recommended substance.


Agreed. Why bother and take that risk? Besides, chicks dig scars. :wink: