Inspecting the troops


@Shell and I stayed late after Laser Thursday last night to play around with some non-laser-related office toys.

Can we see pictures of the Glowforge units in the office?
Autonomous SmartDesk

That’s just mean.

(Zipping by too quickly for us salivating dogs to pick up any details!) :smile:


baahhh i want one…
although you can read the sticker on the last printer:
Optimal F----? (food? floor?)
(wide kerf on thicker material)


Love the new office space…


What are you riding


Looks like the new Segway.


You are a tease @dan


I notice all three GFs are situated in central locations not near a wall, with silvery ductwork that seems to go down to the floor, so it would be interesting to know what kind of exhaust it all ties in to.


Those are plugged in to external air filters made by a third party company, although one of the Glowforge units yesterday was running on a Glowforge air filter - it just wasn’t in view.


That begs the question, did it perform as expected? Or would you rather not say?


Oh, how I would love a office tour video. Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally! It passed the “Dan’s nose” test with flying colors… spinning up more quantitative testing now.


Yahooo! So glad to know there is a GF filter somewhere! This is the first mention I’ve seen of an actual unit in existence.


Thanks for inviting us in. Subzero refrigeration there? Nice and roomy!


That’s what I was thinking! I paused/played through it just so I could see a bit more. :grinning:


It IS the new Segway! My husband and I bought one a few years ago, and though so much fun and an amazing experience, it was a money pit. Anytime anything happened to any part, it was so expensive to maintain that we finally sold it. Loved it though.


Amazon just had them on sale for $700. I think they’re $800 now.

I have a cheaper Chinese knockoff (see a pattern here :grinning:) that is now banned everywhere because people didn’t read the charging directions on toasted the batteries. LiPo batteries are not simply plug in for a few hours or days. Heck my drone batteries have a special bag to store them in so they don’t catch other stuff on fire if they go off.


Now we know where all that crowd funding money went. :wink:


Help Dan pay for that house!

looking good there! Was it filmed with a quadcopter or just a very nice gimbal+ camera?



If memory serves, our fridge was a Craigslist special.

That’s how we’ll make our getaway.

That was @shell following me around on a second segway with a gimbal-stabilized iphone.