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Curious video.
Why in the world is he handling a several hundred year old book bare handed?
It has nothing to do with saving the book (gloves may actually make your handling clumsier). Wash and dry your hands before handling it will resolve that.

Arsenic pigments from materials ‘back when’ can be hazardous and there is no way of knowing what was applied to the pages themselves to protect them against insects and paper munching critters.
Raid is bad – what they used then was worse. You have no way of knowing.

Probably over reacting.
Oh well. Flip the pages. Lick your fingers. Surf a car hood. Whatever.
May the odds be ever in your favor.


For our own peace of mind, let’s just assume he washed and dried his hands thoroughly before filming. It bothers me, too! :wink:


Maybe handling the book whilst wearing cotton gloves was a tad challenging?

Apparently, gloves hinder your tactility and therefore you’re more prone to harm than not when wearing gloves. :slight_smile:

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