Inspiration for ... uh.... _something_

I mean they could have used anything, but they chose the hand. because of course they did.


This is why I love geeks. Because they will spend SO much time and energy doing completely useless but absolutely cool stuff.

'Way back in the day I knew a guy who was working on getting his HP calculator to communicate via modem. He had no constructive use in mind for it, he just wanted to DO it.

I wish I could time travel back and show him my iPhone. :wink:


I know, if time travel came into being, how much would that screw with peoples minds. go to nasa and use the first iPhone to do math quicker than their “Super Computer”. give steve jobs an android and destroy the future for all ios users.

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Ha! I wish. After 2-1/2 years with my work iPhone we still haven’t made friends.

That does seem a worthy endeavor.

I bought two different HP G48 calculators for just under $300 each back when they came out. Now, you can download and run the HP48Gx on your Android phone for free. Search for Droid48 in Google Play Store for anybody who is interested.

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I should have mentioned, this was pre-Internet. I was a FidoNet somethingorother and he was hoping to get on to the network if/when he got it working, even though neither of us could figure out what he could do with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It really makes using Kermit for FTP sound a lot easier. That was generally what we did via a cable from the calculator back to a PC.

In the mid-to-late 80’s I’d often call up the help desk at the university and have to walk them through finding and giving me the IP address to the vaxen cluster. I don’t know if they just didn’t know or really didn’t care. It didn’t matter as long as I could telnet in and not have to drive in to school to submit programs.

I swear I can still hear the modem in my head some days, and remember when getting a 14.4K modem felt like driving a race car.


I’m having flashbacks. I ran a FidoNet BBS for many years.

When I was teaching myself programming as a kid, one of my first from-scratch programs was a Kermit implementation.