Inspiration from Apollo 13


Well, I did watch it live after all.

Needed to get some life support going and get things cooled down so I took some inspiration from 1970.


I am not happy about all these thermal issues eck


I’m not thrilled myself, the $$$ I spent on the AC needed to go to a new table saw.

Nothing I can do about it from this end though besides improvise and make light of it.

“Beep, Seatle, a, we have a problem…”


Hear you loud and clear.


A little too early. Was trying to figure out why NASA sent a portable A/C on a moon mission.


AC, CO2 scrubber, whatever. :smile:


Takes me back. I used to live in a room under a skylight. Portable AC with the grille ripped off and a length of duct pointed wherever I was at the moment.