Inspiration from the giftshop

For those of us who live in the LA area we are blessed with a gorgeous institution known as the Huntington Library and Gardens which has one of the best curated gift shops around. Besides the usual engraved cutting boards and leather accoutrements there were a few surprise lasered things today.

Wonderland Lamp, all laser cut - but they didn’t have the proofgrade masking!

Packaging for a scarf - engraved veneer

Flat pack dynamic wall decor/boxes

Upcycled book jewelry


Some good ideas! (Particularly like the book jewelry.)

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Wow! Inspiring, so much creativity. I feel humbled :hearts:

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Hah - I backed the Kickstarter for the Made from Books lady to get her Epilogue! Glad to see she’s getting her stuff out and about.


And highly featured no less!