Inspirational bracelets

That should work great! (Also another great use of the GF to make booth signs!)
Alas most of my cuffs are unique, so if it’s not out, buyers can’t see it, but I have cut back on what I have out & if someone is really interested in a color or style, I will pull out one or two of my other bins…

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The 9" would fit me perfectly. I swear I’m not a woman. :wink: Though my mancard has been threatened to be taken away a few times, because of my craftiness… a quick throat punch, and reminder that my crafts generally involve lasers usually shuts them up. (The throat punch helps dramatically.) :smiley:


I suspect you were just being teased early on, fwiw.

I also wonder if you might do yourself a favor by labeling them “small” and “large.” I imagine there are some guys who would feel uncomfortable buying a bracelet labeled for “ladies,” even if the fit/color works best.

Anyway, I love that blue color. I made some bracelets as party favors for my daughter’s birthday (I don’t think I ever share them) and I had a lot of fun using various dyes and seeing how the colors played out. Once I get the leaks sealed up in my ventilation system, I’ll have to get back to cutting leather.


Agree with this, gender politics aside, there’s never a good reason to tell half your potential customers a product isn’t for them.

They are beautiful. I’d buy one in each color for me but I’ve also got freakishly tiny wrists so I’d want a small in both, I hate the extra flappy strap piece underneath.


funny about the gender thing but the second I go to buy a T-shirt they say mens or womens… doesn’t seem to hurt the sales? Obviously that is to describe the cut so they have to put something but they did go with a gender thing.

I’d still put large or small, saves people asking me.

T-shirts for men and women have a different cut to fit different body shapes. Since, generally speaking, our wrists are the same regardless of gender, the label doesn’t mean anything on a bracelet.

If I had a really cool t-shirt design and I labeled it for women, I can guarantee you I would lose sales from men who like the design but won’t buy a women’s t. This is marketing 101. It has absolutely nothing to do with “gender politics,” although we could certainly get into a discussion about why so many men would refuse to buy something labeled for women. It is similar to why some people won’t buy items for girls that aren’t in “girl-specific” packaging and definitely won’t buy gifts for boys if the box is pink. Does it make rational sense? Not really, but it’s reality.


And it’s also @ej.james business (literally) - to make the products he wants, the colors that he wants, and to label them how he wants. He might not be doing it the way some people like, but again, it’s his business. Seems to me that it’s taking away from a job well done…

Just my :moneybag:.02


I don’t see how constructive suggestions take away from a job well done. No one said a single negative thing about the product or the craftsmanship. I thought part of the point of the forum was to learn from one another…

I don’t think anyone else is “butt-hurt” either, but at least now I know to keep my comments to myself. Movin’ on.

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Did someone say moving on? We’re ready. Where are we going?


Nice work. Simple design, probably pretty fast to produce and do secondary steps on, and a fairly neutral typeface choice that should appeal to a lot of people. You didn’t try to do too much, and that’s a strength.

Overall a good example of how the GF can make a commercially viable product.


No butt hurt here. Always been a fan of @ej.james but avoid me if need be. (I’ll still be a fan) :tipping_hand_woman:

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Jeeps with dogs in them are the best jeeps.
Doesn’t matter the color of the jeep or the dog.


Of course post pictures of your wolfdog!
And if you can convince her to ride along… well, it’s just the best!

Zelda in the XJ:

Budders in the YJ:

Budders in the LJ:

Budders exiting the LJ (without permission):


Or you could use one of these adjustable clasps that fit any size wrist.

fancy bracelet


The blue merle has no problems exiting through any open window.

“Hey, he forgot me. Nevermind I’ll just leave through this convenient hole.”

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Loved this!

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