Inspired by The Doctor


Place markers for the dinner. Bunch of passes = Incised travertine. :sunglasses:

Could have been centered better, but the siren song of the blinking button bested me.


Okay, I really need to get me some of that stuff. Came out great!


Yeah, that’s awesome. Gotta get my hands on some.


Like Henry said, it’s dirt cheap. Only thing is the tiles come shrink wrapped, and one of the interior tiles looked like a sponge.


I think that depends on the store & supplier. I believe Henry said he got 9 in a box, I got 10 and they were bare in the box. I was able to check the boxes for broken ones and get boxes of good tiles.

BTW, how many passes? I did mine with 3. Surprised me but my 87 yr old father-in-law was really impressed.


A multitude. Less than 10. I love this thing.


Yes, 9 comprises 1 square foot. (or 0.00151515 square furlongs for the imperial crowd)


Nice. Even if it wasn’t The Doctor that I was expecting from the subject line, given that it was posted on November 23. Unless Henry is a Time Lord…


Very nice! :grinning: