Instant Inkscape - Coasters in minutes

Fast and Fun, check out the simple steps needed to make a Coaster… Well thimble size since I was in a hurry. =)


We do appreciate you doing these. All of the :glowforge: pioneers were written tutorial people and we know that people have different learning styles. Keep it up!


Thanks! I remember the written tutorial days. Back in 99 I was teaching computers to 6th graders… My lessons for the kiddos would require 10 minutes of writing for them to do about 2 min of work… When I landed Camtasia it changed everything!


For those who can, a video is definitely better/faster. Some of us have a face for radio and a voice for print though.

One great thing about print/mixed media is that it is very editable so when I realize I was wrong or incomplete I can easily fix it.
And as an older guy, I find it easier to have a tutorial page where I can work at my own pace. I am learning to stop/rewind youtube though as this is the way things are going.


A great video! There are a lot of new Inkscape users … and this will be very helpful.


I have EOCD (early onset curmudgeon disorder) and cannot stand to watch videos. I will spend longer than the video’s duration looking for written material that covers the same topic.

But, I appreciate the efforts of everyone who makes instructional materials, even if I stick to the written stuff.


totally stealing this.


Dammit, I think I’m coming down with this too. I already have CRS and now this…


Thanks for doing these! They are so helpful for new folks and it’s great to have good video links to send them.

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=) #Priceless! Thanks for the appreciation. It is good that you know your learning style and are willing to track down what fits you. The course I teach is geared towards teaching the kids to find their learning style and then master cool things at their own pace. When they get revved up and invest themselves in the learning it is a ton of fun.

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