Instructions for Space Shuttle Discovery

I downloaded the shuttle and printed it, but I can’t find instructions on how to put it together anywhere. I’ve looked on my receipt, thi store, the app - no luck. Am I missing where the instrucitons are or are there not any?


Hey @megan.bangerter, use the three vertical dots in the menu. then click on design details. it opens in the side bar and you can click the plus sign to open each step. or open it all in a different window with the button at the top of the instructions. I can’t wait to make mine! Let me know how yours turns out!


Thank you so much!!!

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I wish everything in the catalog would at least have which material it was designed for. Like the business card holders that Jules made up; while assembly looks straightforward enough not to need detailed instructions I would appreciate not having to go back into the catalog to find out which thickness material I need to make the tabs and slots work together properly. I actually would really appreciate being able to leave MYSELF notes that way too. Nothing like going back to remake a box and realizing that I grabbed .19" material instead of .125" and now nothing fits together properly.

Those are supposed to have instructions loaded…they were written up and submitted to the folks at Glowforge.

It’s possible that they overlooked loading some of the assembly information …so please shoot them an email at if you find any missing. They will likely want to add them. :slightly_smiling_face:

(I’ve already notified them a couple of times.)


Thanks, Brother!

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Has anyone printed the acrylic stand for the shuttle yet? I think there is an error that makes part 122 not capable of being used.

The two tall parts should have a notch cut out of them for part 122 to be used, and it doesn’t seem to have that.

Anyone else see this? Or maybe they fixed it since I downloaded it?

I noticed the same error. It can be used without the one piece, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I wonder if they have updated it though.

I just had it reload the file from their server and it still has the error.

No Biggie. Just curious what else I’ll find while building the rest of it.

The designer has been alerted and will probably weigh in here…

I didn’t find any other errors when I printed it.

I have fixed the file, and I apologize for the snafu. Glowforge will update the file when they can. In the meantime, I am happy to send you the updated file.


That is awesome! Thank you so much! I’d love the updated file.

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Do the updates automatically show up in my design library, or do you have to “purchase” it again? I didn’t know you were the creator of this awesomeness @pubultrastar! When gingerbread is done I’m totally going to make one of these!

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