Instructions in dashboard

How do I add instructions to dashboard for files for future cuts?

It is not possible for users to add instructions like those seen in the Catalog designs.

You can add text to your design file with instructions – just be sure to make them a different color than your cuts, scores, and engraves so that you can set them to “ignore.”


You don’t.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no way to do that.

I keep an external google document going with settings, notes and project ideas, it’s a little unstructured but it’s worked really well over the past few years to keep things straight.


If you are using a chrome browser you can try a notes plug-in. I tried a few this morning and I think it has a huge potential. I have tried all of them but Page Notes seems to be the simplest and most reliable so far. I invite the community to suggest the best.

This one is nice since you can see all your glowforge projects and launch them from this page.