Insurance policy No deductible

If its ok I have some good news to share with the group i found a insurance policy that will cover my Glowforge Pro and no deductible i show you just as me how.

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Hey, so first I want to welcome you to the forum, we like new people.

Why not just post the details once in the thread instead of having many DM conversations about it?


The insurance company is State Farm the policy is called Personal Articles Policy and the cost is 20.00 a month with no deductible.


Thanks! Does it cover business use?


Welcome and, thank you for sharing.

The devil is usually in the details with insurance policies. I will be interested to hear the results from people making claims on this one.

One frequent “gotcha”: these “personal” policies usually seem to have a carve-out that instantly disqualifies any equipment you have used for a business purpose (e.g., if you make any money using your Glowforge).

As they become familiar with specific equipment, like the Glowforge, what they consider a normal maintenance cost is likely to adjust. Some “repairs” on the Glowforge are expected replacement of parts considered consumables by the industry. The tube would be an example of that.


The most reliable way to get extra coverage for a Glowforge is to put the entire purchase on a credit card that extends manufacturers’ warranties by 1-2 extra years. There are several, including most American Express cards that have annual fees. I’ve made claims against the extended coverage with American Express on multiple products and it was pretty effortless. Just gave them the receipt, warranty, and a copy of the repair/replacement quote, and they paid me that money to use. No questions about the product or how it’s used, and there are business cards with the same benefit if you’re concerned about that.


Can’t speak to State Farm, but I used to be an agent for Liberty Mutual back in the late 80s and they wouldn’t pay a dime on a PAF claim if there was any business usage.


I have been investigating Allstate / Square Trade, like $169 per year (3 year contract)
I will post more info when I get it


OK, here is the info from square trade ($494.00 3 years):


  • Screen Failure (?)
  • Mechanical & electrical failures from normal use
  • Won’t Power On
  • Power Supply Burnout
  • Malfunction that renders the item useless
  • issues with functionality

Not covered

  • Loss or Theft
  • Pre-Existing Conditions (aka factory defects)
  • ** Commercial/Industrial Use**
  • Intentional Damage
  • accidental damage (like a fire in your GF)

they cover / reimburse all shipping costs, will pay for a full replacement,
if unit cannot be fixed / full reimbursement (original purchase price) if unit no is longer made.

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Getting around the commercial use for some will be problematic

I see square trade has B2B as well… so who knows…

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