Interesting 3d printer project!

Not on a laser, but an interesting (if not dedicated) 3d printed project.


I own a Form1+ and a Form2. I can tell you that even with a 3D printer this was a huge effort. I’ve owned my F1+ for about 4 years and the F2 for 2 and I bet I haven’t gone through more than about 10 liters of resin.

That’s some dedication. It looked good on the big screen.

The effort reminds me of a friend that is making “Curse of the Phantom Shadow.” He hired actors and rented vintage vehicles out of his own pocket. Now he’s building a CG world to put it all together.

He’s been working on it for the past six or seven years - he has a day job. He built a render farm and taught himself how to build models. He’s getting close enough that it is listed in IMDB. He also wrote a video game for it and has been producing some marketing.