Interesting discovery regarding picture size and laser speed

I was attempting to do a laser engrave on a black and white picture, on non proofgrade materials. The picture itself was 12"*7" in size. My initial settings had it at 45% and 400 speed at 2 passes. The UI kicked it out after a few minutes for being “too large”. I tried it again, at 45% with 2 passes, but this time at 500 speed. Went through, no problem. Just a speed change of 100

So scroll speed seems to play a part in calculating if an image can even be engraved. Just something to think about when you are having issues dialing in the settings. If I had more patience, I would have seen if it could have done it at 400 speed with one pass, but I am a little beyond that right now.

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It (that error message) more often than not comes down to the run time of the job. Bumping the speed up probably made it fall under the threshold of what is currently being stored for a job (about 3 to 3.5 hours).

More than likely, it would have gone through just fine with 400 speed/1 pass.