Interesting inexpensive scribing tool

Hmm do I want this?

I just might.

EDIT: nope. I don’t. Read on for a better recommendation a few replies down.


Heck yeah. They come with a weeding pick model and a teeny tiny retractable Exacto blade as well. I’d suggest all three.


They really are the best for scribing on practically everything. First introduced to them in aircraft mechanics many years ago, but haven’t owned one since - until now. Just ordered from the link. Thanks for that :sunglasses:


I should get an affiliate link, I would be RICH! I’d get what, 0.0005 cents or something, yeah? RETIRING.


After watching so many machinists videos, the whole scribing thing has become more important. I realize that when I was marking stuff with pencils or pens, I’d end up making several marks, going over the line. Usually my secondary marks just muddied the issue.

Been doing more knife marking now and setting up so that it is just one line and it needs to be correct. This is a good tool.

And besides, it’s Labor Day Weekend in the US. You get your man card punched for buying a new tool.


I wouldn’t buy that model. The tip is ground at a pretty obtuse angle and I find them to be hard to accurately mark with. The one I went with is a fine point version with a nice long taper. This taper serves as an indexing face and to allow you to get a much more accurate line since you don’t have the body of the scribe in the way.

I also recommend a retractable point or reversible point - carbide is brittle. If you drop it, it breaks.

For wood, I prefer a marking knife as the round point of the scribe breaks the fibers instead of cutting them, leading to a fuzzy, harder to see line. The round point also likes to grab the grain and pull away from your guide edge.

The model shown may be good for free-hand marking, but that is about all I would use it for. I have a carbide engraver for my rotary tool that works much better since I can control the marking position more accurately.


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