Interesting Kickstarter (already funded)

I wish I had seen this kickstarter last year - but glad she got funded. The shop isn’t oopen yet, but very interesting lasercut leathger dinos!

I’ll have to keep an eye out once the shop opens. Interesting idea to use leather as a 3-d medium rather than the usual 2d…


Wow, what an awesome concept! The dinosaurs look so much more authentic when made from leather vs wood. It would be interesting to see this concept extended to other items (leather flowers? Clothing? Purses?)


i mean i don’t disagree but i think leather purses and clothing are already a thing :smiley:

but yeah it makes a big difference when you can curve in 3d space hey, especially on the skulls.

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Those dark brown T-Rex models are beautiful. Nice find and definitely gets the wheels spinning.


I meant, sending out the flat pieces and the recipient wets them down and curves them into shape. Is that being done already? (I don t get out much.)

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probably not, but i honestly don’t see the appeal. most of those things can be shipped relatively flat. also, we can already go buy them in most stores, unlike a cool leather t-rex (which, additionally, couldn’t be flat packed).

like, i guess it would be cool to do it just to say you did it, but i think the final product would be of limited utility.

maybe i’m wrong though and this is the future of custom footwear!


Haha–you are probably right. But I suspect most of the things I make are going to be done just to say I did it! At least, the things that fall outside the core usages I have for the machine.


Very neat find, thank you for sharing! I’m imagining using spiked rivets instead of their standard fasteners…

Dinos with attitude! :smile:


Wet forming has fallen out of style, but there are certainly plenty of soft sided kits available.


That is too cool. I love the fact that it teaches some basics of leather working for the build, especially the wet forming. Yea, it not on vogue right now, but it will come back.