Interesting new design tool coming from Shaper

This will be of interest to anyone who has a Shaper Origin and anyone who thinks the basic drawing tools in the GFUI are too simple, but full-on CAD is too much. The Shaper Origin uses SVG just like the :glowforge: does, so this should be useful to some.

There will be a free as well as a paid version.

No affiliation other than a happy customer.

BTW, the :glowforge: shows up in a lot of their videos; they know like I do that the two complement each other very well.


How does this compare to Inkscape?

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Darn you, now I want a Shaper!


Since this is designed around woodwork, it is much simpler and easier to dimension things. I’d think of it like the GFUI pro tools on steroids.


Ask anyone here with one; you don’t just want one. You need one. :grinning:
My workflows go Cameo for paper and vinyl, Glowforge for stuff too thick for the Cameo up through about a 1/4", and then the Shaper Origin for wood, plastic, and soft metals on up.
The thing about these is that the design skills you learn for one apply to the others.

I made this with it over the last couple of weeks. ( the stand, not the plane)


You’re just making it worse :sweat_smile:


Yeah, he does that :rofl:


curse ( thank ) you!!! This appears to perfectly take over for projects the gforge cannot handle. you may have started me down the pathway towards owning one.

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This is exactly how I see it. Uses SVG, so there is not much to learn there.
Have you used a dumb router? If so, you are fully primed to learn a couple of things and start grabbing the SO when you want to work in 1/2 and 3/4 stock. as well as other uses.
I use my glowy far more, but when I need the SO, nothing else I own will do the trick.


Okay, the full version of this dropped on October 11th and while I am thrilled by the concepts I personally don’t think it is ready to compete with other offerings out there. The advanced features (paid) in the GFUI actually beat this right now.

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