Interesting site for some laser involved projects



I don’t know if this site was mentioned in this forum (I don’t recall seeingit). I stumbled upon it today and posted in another topic about the kewl interlocking puzzle pieces/toy project and files it had available.

but looking through the site there are some interesting project involving laser cutting and electronics and led, etc. I think some of the GF members would be interested like the:



!! Let me know what you think


Oooh I like the


The puzzle pieces are bit too small for my hands and eyes, but the integration of LEDs and controller with the laser cut pieces are sparking some ideas for me. :thumbsup:


the led wall lamp is awesome :smiley:


Those are some cool projects, thanks for the links.
come here every day and find so many things thanks to all the other people sharing things they find.
I do not have all the time to find all this stuff myself. Thanks again there @PlGHEADED