Interesting tool for SVG nerds


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Great minds :slight_smile:


I tried… I searched for the URL before posting… but of course that is a different link.

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Yeah I posted the hacker news link because I thought the comments provided interesting context.

On most of the internet reading comments is a bad plan, hacker news is an exception.

Yeah, I commented on the other post, but I will say it here again. I like concise path data, but I am more interested in readable path data. Yes, you can get rid of the comma and use a space. Does it make the file smaller? No. Does it make it harder to read? Yes. If you are trying to make the SVG hard to read, just use any editor, they do not mean for the result to be human-readable.

From what I read, this can make the SVG file smaller (which I like) but it is not going to be that noticeable. I did not check to see if this tool has the same rounding issues that Inkscape has. Using those really long decimals definitely increases the size of the file, but is it enough to matter? Probably not.

Edit: Looking at it more, I do love the ability to change the nodes to “relative”, but I have discovered how to set that in Inkscape too. The snap to grid for the curves is really nice too, I wish Inkscape had that as an option.

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