Interface, adding custom instructions

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but is there a way to add custom instructions to the interface inside a project? I looked in search but didn’t see anything close to this. I would love to be able to set in the instruction area what settings to use and what needs to be done for each project.


I have just added basic black text occasionally, since it is easy to either delete or just ignore in the UI when using the design.

Not often, but the desire to remember stuff later comes upon me from time to time, especially if it was something that got me in trouble.


I use cyan text that I ignore in the settings thumbnails.


I have text in on several of my designs incase anyone uses my designs afterwards, also it helps me to remember setting on the machine. I hide the layers of the svg before uploading or ignore them on the GlowForge before printing.

But I agree. It would be awesome to be able to leverage a file that same what GlowForge does with there prints.

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