Interface keeps freezing after I print

I have to close out of GF reopen and it works for one print then it freezes again. I turned of my machine unplugged it rebooted my PC still happening. Anyone else seeing this today?

That sounds like a browser issue. What browser are you using? Is it updated? Do you know how to clear your cache? Do you do so regularly?

I’m using Chrome I haven’t cleared my cache. It’s going wacky when I try to size an image doing the opposite of what I’m trying to do. It’s driving me mad! I’ll try the cache and or another browser. thanks for trying to help.

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I find when I have really complicated art, or my browser has been going for a while it’s a 3-5 second wait between click and action - which means I’ve done 3 things before it does the one I asked for 3 things back…it leads to frustrating results!

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Hey @vegandarwin,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear your Glowforge is having some connectivity trouble.

I took a look at the logs for your unit and it looks like your Glowforge was able to connect successfully to your network, but is having trouble maintaining a stable connection. When this is the case, you won’t need to go through Wi-Fi setup again, but you may see an “Offline” message.

In these logs we have a record of the average signal strength the Glowforge is capturing from the network it’s connected to. On average, this signal strength has been low over the last week, with average strength at around -71dBm as of yesterday .

For more context, on networks with very good signal strength, this will often run closer to -30dBm. A signal strength at -70dBm or lower would be very difficult to stay connected to.

The most common solution to Wi-Fi challenges is to restart all the devices involved in connecting to the internet.

  1. Turn off the computer, phone, or tablet that you’re using
  2. Turn off your Glowforge
  3. Unplug your modem
  4. Unplug your Wi-Fi access point
  5. Wait one minute, then plug everything back in and turn them back on

If that doesn’t work, we have two more suggestions that often make a big difference:

  1. Improve the signal path between your Glowforge and your Wi-Fi access point
    Wi-Fi signals need a clear path. Remove physical barriers, and move devices closer together:
  • Move your Wi-Fi access point up high and make sure it’s in an open space. Avoid locating your Wi-Fi access point on the ground, under a desk, in a cabinet, or in a corner where its signal can be blocked.
  • Relocate your Wi-Fi access point closer to your Glowforge
  • Move your Glowforge closer to your Wi-Fi access point
  • Install a Wi-Fi range extender closer to your Glowforge
  • Run an ethernet cable and install a second Wi-Fi access point next to your Glowforge
  1. Reduce electronic and Wi-Fi interference
    If your unit is near other devices that use Wi-Fi or a large number of electronics, temporarily turn off other electronics and devices in the area.

Please let me know how it goes after trying the steps above. Thank you!

thank you I actually went on a different browser it worked better. If I continue to have issues I will try above thanks again

Hey @vegandarwin, I’m glad to hear switching browsers helped. The steps that I sent are some quick steps to try if you run into connectivity trouble again. If the problem continues after trying those steps, let us know and we’ll take another look for you.

Since things are better now, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!