I finally get my refurbished machine and it’s a bigger piece of crap than my original one. Amongst the little problems now I’ve had it 2 days and last night it started with interlock problems. I messed with the little staple looking thing and got it going. This morning same thing again. Worked all day, now this evening interlock problems again. What is this thing for anyway.

What do you do for interlock open?

A Class IV laser is a highly regulated & potentially dangerous piece of equipment when used without proper safety precautions. As someone once said, the first time you may realize there’s an invisible laser beam reflecting out of your machine is when you feel the searing pain in your eye as your eyeball explodes. (Yes, that is a true thing.)

Or worse, your kids find that out when they open the door to your shop and aren’t wearing any of those protective laser glasses you are.

The staple can be attached to a door opening trigger that will pull the staple should someone open the door to your shop while you’re lasering. It immediately shuts the laser down.

The original Pro shipments came with a Laser Safety Officer training program that explained some of this and the unique safety issues surrounding a Class IV laser. I don’t know if they still send that out but it’s a good thing to review if they did.


It can come out slightly or I guess all the way for that matter and it will shut down the machine, I don’t know what to do about it when you’re getting the error message but it’s all the way in like mine is.

That’s a Support ticket. The trouble is there’s a physical connection it’s making so maybe not possible to fix from Seattle. Might be a sensor involved too, but it breaks a power pathway I believe which is what makes it an immediate failsafe.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the interlock. Thank you for reaching about this. I have followed up by email about your next steps and we are going to work on this there. So I’m going to close this thread.