International Arrival of a Broken Glowforge :(


I was wondering if anyone else has gone through the gut punch of receiving your Glowforge internationally (UK in my case) only to have it arrive broken?

My Pro arrived via UPS and I was so excited only to open it and find it soaked in (presumably) coolant.

Emailed support and pretty quickly told it’s a warranty replacement job and I would receive return shipping labels and a new unit sent out.

Has anyone gone through this? What’s the import duty ramifications on a warranty replacement?

I haven’t received the returns labels yet (4 business days) but a new full priced Glowforge has appeared in my purchase history?

Anyone in the same boat?

Alexian, Very sad to hear about your GF, mine arrived with the Box very tattered, but GF was un-damaged. UPS lost mine for two days, still waiting for Tray and hose though.

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Yes I think yours is the second international GF reported to have arrived broken. Altogether there have been dozens arrive in the US, some completely smashed, others leaking or doors come unstuck.

The replacement should be marked as a warranty replacement for customs so you don’t have to pay duty. I have no idea if UPS will charge brokerage on it.

The only thing I have received as a “warranty replacement” was actually a free gift from Makerbot and I didn’t pay anything.

When you return it it will also need to be marked as a return so GF don’t pay import duty on it.


That’s what I was hoping… The bit about tax, not that someone else has had a broken one delivered…

… well I have the crumb tray and hose so together we have 1 complete Glowforge…

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Alexian, Sorry to rub it in, but by tray and hose just arrived.

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oh well… Congrats!

Mine had the lid broken.

Just had a call from UPS today asking if I had a VAT number if I had one.

Didn’t realise you warranty replacements would be duty free, I’d assumed GF would pay.

Will post more if I know more.

Also, frustrated with GF as it has been 8 days with no contact from GF despite emailing them every day and resorting to posting on here as well - still no contact from the.

The only reason I know something is happening is because UPS called.

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This is my experience so far with UPS.
Only with the Proofgrade materials… really worried about the Glowforge Delivery!
Do not trust UPS…

"Hi there,
Living in the UK and I don’t know if the UPS service in America is any good!
Here in the UK, It’s not the first time I have problem with them.
I’m since Monday (26 March 18) trying to receive my parcel with the Proofgrade materials!
Careless customer service, I was told since Monday that tomorrow your parcel will be there sir from at least 7 people already.
You cannot track the properly via the useless app, no time slot for delivery and careless drivers in a rush trying to deliver the overload of parcels they have!
DPD is great! you can live track your parcel and the customer service is just amazing (Previously experienced and people that had problems with them before (nobody is perfect)) said they handled it perfectly and thinking of the customer side in the first place!

Just a matter of curiosity to know if anyone in the UK had problems with them as well… AH! and trying to charge me AGAIN for the COD Fee that I’ve paid on Monday!

Really frustrating!


When my Glowforge arrived the driver asked if I could come help him. I obliged, since its really heavy… and fragile.

Cut to me stood at the back of the van with him literally throwing parcels around to uncover my Glowforge which was “stored” at 45 degrees leaning against another parcel.

Followed by him passing me 5 parcels (non of which were mine) to “just chuck them down on the floor so they’re out of the way”

Bodes well for the new one :worried:

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THANKS!!! Super useful info!

Thanks for letting us know! I responded to your email regarding your replacement and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.