International certification and the Forge's final home

So got the email for my Forge! Was pretty stoked!
But I have a dilemma.
The forge’s final destination will be New Zealand where I normally live. It will temporarily live in the US before heading home.

@dan My concern is whether the GF needs / has certification for NZ.
I saw that the European CE certification isn’t through yet and I’m reasonably confident there is some sort of certification required for Aus / NZ. Albeit that US product certification is an acceptable equivalent.

Do I ask GF to delay my deliver until it can go straight to NZ, or get it now to enjoy before shipping it home for the end of the year?


I would check with NZ customs about personal importation of such a device and if it needs certification. The rules for personal import of something purchased abroad are often different that those for selling into the market.


At last update, no international certifications were complete, though they are working on them. I’m sure it will be big news when they are complete.

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It’s not ready for shipment to NZ yet. Unfortunately I can’t advise you on import requirements should you decide to import it yet.

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