International Delivery Cambridge UK

Just got the email. Ordered 3rd October 2016. Another 6 weeks and playtime.


Brace yourself @jtomas it may be quicker than that. Don’t dilly dally make sure you do all the prep work now or you’ll be caught on the back foot like I was.

Also congrats and genuinely excited for you!

Saw you were in Cambridge and was trying to think of a related joke, but couldn’t.

Still it was worth a punt…………


haha @paulkoshal. Thanks for the heads up. I can only hope. I go to the US every month for a week or two so it is bound to arrive when I am there .

You’re really fast. I’ve ordered at the 4th February 2016 and it still needs time (more then a month!). Shipment to Switzerland, but for this kind of devices is the EU-law and there shouldn’t be a reason for more time ;-(

Very happy for you! Get everything ready on your end so that you’re ready to roll!

It is very exciting! Congratulations!

Perhaps because of all the EU customers in the queue before you. I ordered in Sept 2015 and only got the email yesterday.

Curious, have you turned them down for the time being?

Yes, one of the options is to wait for the software to be complete. Apparently this will be “soon” but I expect that is an alternative definitions of soon.


I’ve been guilty of using the long definition of soon once or twice. Not a glowforge level of guilt, but…

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When I was growing up my mother’s definition of soon didn’t match mine :slightly_smiling_face: Made for tedious car rides and long waits for Christmas :grinning:

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I meant October 2015 so not so fast

No I definitely didn’t turn them down. I have been waiting long enough. Can’t wait to get started.