International Delivery - UK 01 March 18

Just wanted to let everyone know Glowforge arrived in UK Yesterday. 01 March 18
Package was OK all secure and only minus 1 handle.
As we are experiencing a little cold spell at the minute, had to allow Glowforge to get up to room temperature before attempting to unbox.
Now plug in and working.
What a beautiful piece of kit.
Thanks you again @dan and team for finally getting the international shipping sorted and look forward to others getting theirs soon.
now to play…




I think you may be the first in Europe as well ?

John, currently in Norfolk, next week in Corinth with my :glowforge:

Oh, and the US family as well, of course !



Congratulations! :grinning: :boom::dizzy::lollipop::candy::balloon:

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Now to try and look at some of the things you made to get some inspiration


Oh there is an ocean of wonderful things from everyone…enjoy the browse. :grinning:


Super big mega congrats! :grinning:

Nice to hear from another :glowforge: in the UK!

I’ve only managed the founders ruler so far and my kid traced and cut a drawing on card. So far so good!


My apologies Paul. I hadn’t spotted your earlier safe arrival.
Congrats !

No apologies ever needed! Think @steve_grain is the first until someone says otherwise. Hopefully there’s now a flood of them…


Oh this makes me very happy. Have a wonderful time, all!


Cut something UKish and enjoy.

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Confuse raster and vector in a key area and it can get rather UKish fast.

Just joking, but sleep loss from owning a forge and this stuff pops up.


Can I ask, how long from the Shipping Date on your accounts page until it turned up?

And was there any issues with import delays and payments?

Mine is due to ship on the 22nd March and my birthday is mid-April, so I’m hoping it’ll be here in time… :slight_smile:


My experience was from Golden ticket to doorstep was 7 days
UPS will sort out the import duty and handling fees,
if you not signed up for the UPS service it would be good to do so asap after golden ticket. then UPS will keep you updated with emails and you can track your delivery and required payment UK was £472.00 approx. no fees on proofgrade and arrived 2 days before glowforge.
hope this helps…
and happy forging.

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Hey @steve_grain did you not pay anything in duty or broker fees for the proofgrade?

No, as invoice is for zero dollars

Hey @steve_grain would you mind posting your invoice without the personal stuff or PM me? I have an invoice with $0 USD, but with an amount for shipping listed. I had to pay something like £31 for the proofgrade. If I don’t have to others don’t have to I’d be interested to find out! I did ask glowforge about it but haven’t had a reply yet in another forum post. I don’t want to make trouble for you, but would be nice if everyone doesn’t have to pay for proofgrade and we find the secret sauce that makes that happen. Hopefully me being charged was an anomaly.

Is your invoice the same same as this one?

Yes the same. Maybe I was lucky. …!

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Perhaps it was actually sent DDP as it says and GF paid the duty but UPS made a mistake with yours. It would be good if support replied one way or the other.