International Info E-mails

FYI I have received my info e-mail
Australian (:australia:) and ordered on the 27th of September 2015 (in the initial set of orders)

February 2018 is the anticipated “shipping” [sic] date


Whoa! Grats man!

So… um… what did it say?

Hopefully good news!

Not easy to wait longer but a lot better than I had thought.


Well… not REALLY that stressed and no longer that excited.

When (some might say if but I am not there yet) it comes it is sure to be an exciting day…


Australian as well - ordered on 11th October with estimated shipping date now of 13 march.
Unfortunately think that will be the final straw for me :sob:

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Canada here. I got quoted April. A little upset but I would be glad to just have my glowforge

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Canada here and from October 20th , I got delivery schedule on March 28th 2018. To be honest, I am really not that excited and putting real effort to keep in the project. And the goodies don’t really matter considering the shipping cost :frowning:. I am not pulling the plug yet but I am reconsidering my options. Including going to something else or change the delivery address to the US and drive there to fetch it.


I can understand.

From my POV the money has never been an issue.
The potential pay-off of the 'forge is more of a gain than the money i stand to lose and honestly… after ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this time to refund would really only be to say ‘FU’ and by the looks of it Glowforge is getting a tidal wave of that right now.

I will stick with it for now but only because, as I said, the potential gain is higher than the potential loss

Ouch… did you order post-campaign?


I was a little late yeah. January 6th 2016

Just honestly lost all enthusiasm now and not really sure that the march deadline will even be met!!! My evil side says that the company is just hoping that I will cancel my order and save them some trouble…


Canadian, ordered on September 25th. Estimated shipping notification date is the end of February 2018, but we’re all familiar with their track record for delivery dates. Furious.


Oct 16 purchase date, March 20th 2018 projected delivery.

Really debating what to do at this point. Like others I don’t really have confidence in them making that date, and I’m also bothered by the number of failed units posted in support (either broken in shipping or stopped working along the line).


I didn’t and I am essentially in April also so… Not a happy bunny not to start swearing, even if they are quite colorful.

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Sorry guys. That news is a real kick in the feels.

I was hoping “We are “shipping” international orders soon” would mean the end of this month.

After redefining “Shipping” to mean something other than in the hands of a delivery company, they are norw redefining “soon” as 6 months.


Same, I was expecting a delay, maybe I’d have in January type thing. But late March (plus potentially 6 more weeks to actually ship it)? Ouch.

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Another Aussie here. Ordered 16 Oct, estimated delivery date 28 March 2018. From the other Aussie responses, doesn’t seem as if they are grouping orders by country and send in larger shipping containers as has been speculated elsewhere in the forum.

Still hanging in there…


No email yet, but my account says shipping Feb 23 2018, ordered Pro on 24/9/15.

On 17/7/17 I added 3 additional Basics, believing that they would come with the original order. The shipping for those is April 16 2018. To Australia.

I am building a large makerspace/workshop for the programs we run here and thought some additional ones would be useful. I took advantage of the better pricing and thought back in July that surely the delays were behind us with regular shipping happening.

Not sure where I got the idea that they would be shipped at the same time, I thought on the forum. I don’t think I would have ordered if I knew they would be further delayed. Was I imagining things?

Some big decisions ahead.


Hmm. Ordered Oct 2nd 2015, shipping March 2018. Pretty disappointing.

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