International proofgrade?

Hi! I know this probably won’t make a difference, but who else is frustrated with STILL having to wait for proofgrade materials to ship internationally???

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…everyone international who hasn’t found a good local source?

It bites. Hopefully you’ll find a grand wood source reasonable for you!


Thin hardwood is very hard to come by in the Netherlands unfortunately! If someone who knows an affordable place to buy from here, let me know :smiley:

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Are you in Amsterdam? I have been to a place out in Houthaven called Amsterdamsche Fijn Houthandel. They have lots of different wood, some very rare. It seems to me that they could cut and plane some of it to your spec. I have purchased some ply from them and they have a very interesting assortment of veneer. I talk to a fellow named Maarten when I am there. Nice guy and very helpful.


Thanks! I live in Delft, but I will definitely check them out! Hopefully they deliver!

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Let me know how it goes!

Hey! Apparently I already contacted them a while ago, they said they unfortunately can’t produce such thin hardwoods since the slates are likely to split. They do have nice stuff though, I’m definitely going to visit when in the area

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Thanks for the update. Strange. It seems like a simple operation to plane wood to a certain thickness. I am no wood experts so who knows. I will keep looking, too and if I find anything I will pass it on!

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Thanks, will do! I found some on the website of Trotec recently, looks decent to me. I might try that!

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