International Shipping

I understand that there are some extra hoops to jump through to send GF internationally but i am a little more than annoyed at this point.

As everyone else on here i backed your company to deliver a fantastic product on a reasonable time scale. Delays hurt, i am sure they hurt you as well. As i type, day 20 basic, and day 17 pro orders are being shipped and i am thrilled that production seems to have ramped up sufficiently that most 30 day campaign backers will be getting there glowforge very soon.

My estimated delivery however is March 07 2018. Another 4 1/2 MONTHS.

I will be very very upset if post campaign, and new buyers receive their GF before me. Which at this point looks highly likely.

Please can someone from GF explain how this is acceptable!


I’m so sorry it’s going to take so long to get you your Glowforge. Indeed, US purchasers have shorter delivery forecasts than international ones. It is likely that what you describe will occur. That’s the result of compliance and logistics delays that affect international customers but not domestic ones.

If you decide that’s not acceptable to you, just let us know and we’ll process a quick refund with our profound apologies.