International Support

Can you provide some answers for international customers…

  1. What is the situation with regards the international Laser Tube Replacement? Will you be providing guidelines on how to replace? A swap-out kit or just the laser tube, etc?

  2. Will you be using upgraded packaging (and tape) for International orders, to better protect the GF and ensure the handles are not lost so easily? For example a second box over the top of the first box and the GF in a plastic bag to protect from dust and dampness?

  3. What is the status and charges for shipping Proofgrade internationally (a key GF feature) - I understand at the moment this is not possible?

  4. Can you confirm that the value on the bill for international orders is what we actually paid? Otherwise, we might be charged taxes on the full price of the GF.

Thanks :smiley: :australia:


I really do hope the actual payment amount (minus shipping) is on the box. I would hate to be hit with almost double the taxes

Shipping needs to be shown as well. Otherwise they estimate it based on weight. That normally comes in massively too high, especially when shipping is free, but with GF shipping it might be be cheaper!

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Oh good point!
I am more of just worried I am going to be taxed to death

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Nine days and no official response to these questions. @dan can you help please?

I am sure most international customers would like an answer to these questions…

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread.

1: We haven’t announced any new information here - we’ll post it in the forum when we do.
2: If we make any major packaging changes, we’ll post it in Latest Improvements, as we have with past changes.
3: We only support the shop and catalog for countries that we ship to - as we add countries, we plan to add Proofgrade and catalog support.

What about 4?

I’m sorry, since the post was edited to add the fourth question after I first read this, I didn’t see it. Let me look into it.

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