Any news for international delivery… anyone have delivered???

i do not think so

nope. Got bumped back to march a while ago and I’m dreading the next update will either be “International will start shipping soon!” or “International will get refunds because 'MURICA!”


One thing that’s been puzzling me with international orders tha someone might be able to clear up. If you get your Glowforge after paying your import taxes and open it to find it’s broken or not functioning. When a replacement arrives do you have to pay import tax again on the replacement?

That’s actually between you and your country, Glowforge is not involved in the collection of import taxes.

Here, in Canada, you would not pay on the second one because you’ve sent the first one back. Of course you’d have to be prepared to argue your case with customs if all the documentation doesn’t make what’s happening clear.


no you don’t pay taxes again. the commercial invoice will state it is a repair or replacement. there might be brokerages fes even if there is no duty but it is very unlikely that it will be your responsibility, same way that you surly will not be charged shipping.

Thanks @Dent, @leahgee2

I did wonder how that worked. Fingers crossed it’s not something any of the international customers will have to deal with.