Internet Hiccup!

(It’s been drinking again.) :smile:


I think I like it that way, would be a nice engraving


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing…might look kind of cool on my first leather wallet attempt. (As opposed to a map, cause that’s been done.) :wink:


It looks like a word cloud - those are (were) all the rage for end-of-year posts…Christmas in June?


I remember those. Wonder how it happened? :grinning:

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A wallet would be excellent.

I’m guessing the CSS didn’t serve out to your browser correctly :man_shrugging:

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Especially as it says Jules a few times - it’s an identified wallet!

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True! :smile:
(It would be cool if there was a way to make it happen…we could each make our own word cloud.)

Maybe some emails without filters would get everyone infected?

Sorry, probably not funny.
Just that this reminded me of browser hacks everyone passed around back when they were getting invented and there were about two dozen to select from. Geek pranks, if you will.
Just twisting the http calls until they broke gave some rather interesting results at times (if it did not crash the operating system).

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